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Lift Service and Maintenance
Quantum Services
Lift service department has offices in the South East of England.
Operating in London and the home counties we offer you the service
you need at a price you can afford. Our aim is to maintain your lift
so it gives you the best service with the minimum down time.
As a new customer
In the first month of a new contract we will send our technician
to inspect your lift and make any adjustments that may be
required. This is an additional service provided free of charge.
As a new customer
You will be reassured by our crystal clear contract and our
one month cancellation clause, as well as our pay back offer.
If at any time in the first year you are not satisfied with our
performance, just give us one months notice and we will repay
the remaining unused premium, .

As a customer, you will benefit from our single call out charge,
One-charge 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
As a customer you will have your call outs (if any) answered
faster than ever before.
As a customer, you will be happy in the knowledge that
Quantum Services have experienced, qualified engineers in your
area, capable of dealing with any make or type of lift
installation. Our fast and efficient service will astound you.
As a company, we guarantee not to increase our yearly charges
by more than the prevailing rate of inflation. In many cases
there is no increase. Please call our service number (01268-511207)
for further details, or an appointment.

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